Is preschool education important and which is the best kindergarten in Sofia

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Raising a child is such a responsible and challenging job for any parent. From the moment one is born taking care of them is pretty much full time and there are many stages to an individual’s development. You start with changing diapers and making milk, make your way through first steps, teeth and words and when you have finally graduate from that infant stage it’s time to make important decisions for your child’s future and education. Preschool or kindergarten is the first place where kids start to explore their abilities, start interacting with other agemates and learn about numbers, letters and other subjects.

What kind of kindergarten to choose for our kid

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If you are an English-speaking citizen who has found their home in the country of Bulgaria, then you are probably looking for a universal establishment with a diverse and welcoming atmosphere that also offers top notch education for this level of age. ABC Kindercare is built and functions on principles and values that respect everybody and gives them individual attention because every child is special and different in their own way. Teachers and caregivers make sure that all members of the kindergarten feel comfortable, accepted and that their minds are well stimulated with all kinds of educational and fun activities that help them develop their special skills.

There are many advantages to getting your offspring well prepared for school life from an early age. They learn so many things aside from what they read in the books. They learn how to communicate, share and behave well by spending time with their groupmates. Going to school for the 1st grade wouldn’t be as stressful because they are already familiar with the setting and routine. With ABC Kinder care you get the best of the best. They have various outdoor group activities that help with physical development, creative skill practice with drawing, writing and crafting objects and when it’s time to get serious, the best educational programs and teachers.

What will we get as members of ABC Kinder Care Centre

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It’s never easy being a foreigner in a different country or even continent. For children such big steps and changes can be stressful and that’s why when it comes to choosing the best preschool in Sofia that is fit for you, you have so many things to take into account. As parents, we always want to make the best choices and no mistakes when it comes to our children and at ABC Kinder care they understand this better than anyone so they try to accommodate both parents and their kids and give them an utmost experience. What you will get as their member is:

  • A tight-knit community of parents, children and teachers where you can be a part of your son or daughter’s life even in school and talk to other parents, share ideas and organize events as a group;
  • Impeccable quality of educating which is ensured by the many European programs that ABC Kindercare takes part in and working side by side with the Department of Preschool Pedagogies and English Language in Sofia University;
  • Also, as a member of the Council of British International Schools they ensure only the best teachers and effective curriculums;
  • An entertaining and stimulating environment where children can explore their abilities by having fun and learning things about the world every day;
  • They are also free to speak English and be understood, but also get to learn a bit of the language of the country they are living in;
  • A range of outdoor activities is provided when the weather allows it. Overall, it never gets boring in this kindergarten;
  • Individual treatment for your child as all caregivers share the value, that every boy and girl is special and different in their own way

If it’s time for your son or daughter to start their journey on the ladder of education and you are looking for a welcoming, universal and high standard institution for their first steps, ABC Kinder care welcomes you with open arms.