Interesting facts about hemorrhoids: causes of appearance, types and methods of treatment

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When there is a health problem, we need to solve it. Reason to visit the doctor is the appearance of hemorrhoids which can be external and internal. Their treatment is mandatory so that they do not become a chronic problem that haunts us for years… Natural ointment for piles is among the preferred ways to treat piles and fissures, as it can also be used as a prophylactic method to deal with the problem.

Are hemorrhoids a common problem

Many people are embarrassed to talk about conditions such as the appearance of hemorrhoids, finding the topic uncomfortable. The truth is that an increasing part of the population suffers from external and internal hemorrhoids, which makes the problem global. What this means? Modern lifestyle, work stress and improper nutrition are among the prerequisites for such ailments which, in addition to being properly treated, must also be prevented.

It is an indisputable fact that hemorrhoids are an extremely common problem that must be taken seriously. If not, the chance of it becoming chronic is huge, and nobody wants that, right? If you also have similar rectal ailments, bet on natural solutions like Bene Pura USA and see for yourself the effectiveness of this natural remedy for the treatment of piles.

What are the most common reasons for their appearance

The causes of hemorrhoids can be very different. Among the most common are the following:

  • constipation (usually chronic) – before you start using the ointment for piles you need to eliminate constipation. Because it is the number one reason for the appearance of hemorrhoids (external and internal), as well as fissures. Going to the toilet regularly is one of the ways to prevent rectal problems, which in many cases can last even years. Do you want this to happen to you;
  • lifting and moving heavy objects – we often overestimate our capabilities and do things that can harm our health. For example, lifting heavy objects and moving them may seem like an easy task to us, but actually turn out to be the reason why we need to treat hemorrhoids. And when they are already a fact, there is no other option but to treat them with a suitable ointment for piles;
  • prolonged standing in the chair in front of the computer – office workers are aware of the risk of developing rheumatic problems when they stay in front of the computer for too long. However, is this the only thing that can happen to us when we have chosen to work in a profession related to staying in front of the laptop for 8 hours? Not, of course! The appearance of piles is also possible;
  • pregnancy – and birth… Well, yes, expecting a baby is the most beautiful period for every woman, but are only positive emotions at this stage of life? Not really! Along with the positive emotions, there is also the turn of health ailments, such as the appearance of fissures, external and internal hemorrhoids. Pregnant women can treat them with a natural ointment that is not associated with side effects and gives excellent results;
  • advancing age – elderly people have many diseases, among which are the rectal problems. They can appear at any moment and create strong discomfort that worsens the quality of life and causes pain in the anus area. Natural ointment for piles is a very good solution that will bring permanent relief;
  • spending more time on the toilet – a common phenomenon, the cause of which is constipation. If you also happen to spend more time in the toilet, think about whether this is the reason for the appearance of hemorrhoids. Try to limit sitting and start taking foods that lead to improving metabolism.

Even if you fall into none of these categories, you can again become part of the negative statistics and need to use a natural cream for piles like Bene Pura USA. Sometimes, there is no obvious reason for the presence of this problem, but that does not mean that you should ignore it and not solve it in time.

How long their treatment takes

How long we use hemorrhoid cream depends on several things. First one is how serious our condition is and what kind of hemorrhoids it is – external or internal. Depending on this, an appropriate treatment is prescribed, tailored to the patient’s personal needs. Even if the chosen method is natural ointment for piles, its duration of use should again be carefully considered.

What we need to know about the prevention of piles

Taking into account the leading causes of hemorrhoids, we should try to eliminate them as this is the best way to protect ourselves from rectal problems. Sit for a long time in front of the computer? Get up every hour and walk around. Are you constipated? Change your food menu and add to it foods rich in fiber with a mild to strong laxative effect. Is your job heavy and you often have to lift bulky objects? Try doing this with someone else so all the pressure isn’t on you!