How to Find a Good Handyman in Manchester

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Nowadays somehow everyone thinks that they can be good handymen and handle everything right. DIY videos on video platforms are booming, but somehow it is not that easy and always goes more wrong from the first state and there is a reason for it – it is just hard and it must be done in a professional manner.

So if we decide that we need some good handyman in Manchester, UK how can we know which firm is best? Lets give you some criterias that you can apply while looking.

What to Look for in a Handyman Company

Finding and hiring a good, strict and professional handyman is the best thing that can happen to you and your home planning. So here are some of the qualities that a dream handyman have to have:

  • good amount of experience – at least more than 4 years is what we recommend. Also ask the years of experience in the area that they service;
  • good, working website with good reviews and before-after pictures. Video reviews are big plus also;
  • good, well written contract with all of the job descriptions and timeline when he will do them;
  • guarantee on the work he did and always findable for post work questions and issues;
  • good, if not excellent online reviews in respected UK rating sites. Do not settle with companies that have a bad online reputation, this in truth may be for a good reason.

All of the above will give you confidence to choose the right man or company for the job.

What kind of Handyman company to avoid

We cover the things we want to see in our dream handyman, but what are the things that we have to avoid and are usually bad as business practices. Do not hire someone you know just because you know him and he will give you good pricing. You will end up paying way way more down the road, that is for sure. Do not trust someone that works as a handyman as a site job. Yes we respect the right of everyone to make a buck, but still if it is something major – go with the pros. Stay away from a person or company that does not have online presence – come on you can’t afford one simple page or registration in Yelp? – there is something fishy here.