Total elimination of bedbugs – is it possible and how

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This world is inhabited by various animal species and creatures that are part of the fauna and are necessary to maintain the balance in nature. But what we need to know when it comes to their presence at home? Now you’re going to say that the chance of pests appearing at home is very small, but this is not the case at all, because infection with them is just as common as pest control services are often sought.

Elimination of the infection is mandatory if we want to live in peace, have a pleasant everyday life, as well as not worrying about our health etc. Professional bed bug control services is a must when we notice that we are not alone, that there are uninvited guests at home who seem to be becoming more and more numerous. The sooner we invite specialists to solve the problem, the sooner we will send it into the past.

How to find out that there is a bedbug infection

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Bedbugs can also be very annoying bugs if we allow them to settle permanently in our home and create new populations as well. They can be found in various places, such as a bed, luggage, and other types of furniture made of wood. Their spread is extremely fast, as they can travel up to 72 meters in about an hour – an impressive fact that reminds us to take action as soon as necessary.

The size of this type of pest is very small, sometimes they cannot be noticed unless they become too many or begin to affect our health negatively – yes, it is also possible. Bedbugs reproduce very quickly, they can lay 10 eggs a day, and throughout their lives – up to 500! The signals for the presence of bed bugs in our home are:

  • Presence of blood stains on the mattress;
  • Traces of feces, which is a clear signal that we are dealing with pests;
  • Traces of bites on different parts of the body – face, arms, neck, etc.;
  • Occurrence of an allergic reaction (it can also be very serious), which is normal in many people;
  • In most cases, the infection starts in the bed frame and then spreads to other places, as it can get is very large;
  • Don’t be surprised if you find bedbugs in the cupboards, cracks on the walls, etc. – This type of pest is very inventive and can be found even in unusual places.

No matter where you find bedbugs – it is more important to know how to recognize them and not to delay the moment when you call the specialists to control the infection. They will do whatever it takes to solve the problem of bed bug infection, as well as to protect your property from re-invasion by pests of this kind.

What are the ways to eliminate bedbugs

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Removing bed bug damage requires a professional approach that includes not only removing the bugs themselves, but also their eggs. Once a suitable treatment method is selected, a series of procedures are performed to achieve a good effect and lasting results as well. Basically, there are two main options on which you can bet, such as hot air treatment and spray treatment.

Each case is different, which means choosing a different approach. Another useful thing to know is the ways to prevent re-infection, which occurs through varnishing the doors and regular washing of bed linen too. High temperature ironing is also a good idea when it comes to the risk of bed bug infestation and other insect pests. Don’t forget to fill cracks and holes at home with silicone or other sealing material – this will also limit the bug infestation.